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On Apr 11th 2019 The Aviation Herald received a full copy of the Flight Operations Manual (FOM), Revision 18B released on Nov 30th 2018, which is currently being used by Ethiopian Airlines (verified in April 2019 to be current). Although Boeing had issued an operator's bulletin on Nov 6th 2018, which was put into Emergency Airworthiness Directive 2018-23-51 dated Nov 7th 2018 requiring the stab trim runaway procedure to be incorporated into the FOM ahead of the sign off of this version of the FOM (the entire document is on file but not available for publishing), there is no trace of such an addition in the entire 699 pages of the FOM.
Boeing's Emergency AD says nothing of the sort.

It's not up to Boeing what an airline does or doesn't put in its FOM - the AD refers instead to the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM), where Boeing does have the ability to require changes as the AFM forms part of the aircraft certification.

One might have hoped that Avherald would understand the difference between the two publications.
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