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Originally Posted by L39 Guy View Post

737 Driver is doing an exceptional job of articulating what a lot of us professional pilots both on this forum and elsewhere think about this whole MAX affair: MCAS needs to be tweaked (although fundamentally there is nothing wrong with a single sensor device that prevents a stall but intervening in the flight controls like numerous other aircraft)
Rubbish. I have 21 years in safety related systems including design and certification and you NEVER, NEVER use a single fallible input to drive a safety critical system. And then to give it full authority driving a critical control surface, allowing it to trim full down? Breathtaking incompetence. Also, you ALWAYS design to fail-safe. This doesn't mean what most people think. It doesn't mean it will never fail. It means it will fail in a safe state. AOA disagree is an absolute obvious failure and yet MCAS failed in the most unsafe state that it could possibly have.

A 16 year old electronics student with a week's training in safety related systems design would have done a better job.

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