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Originally Posted by 737 Driver View Post
FLY THE AIRCRAFT. Turn off the magic, set the pitch, set the power, monitor the performance, trim the aircraft, move to a safe altitude. .
FLY THE AIRCRAFT. :: I suspect no arguments from anyone here, one wonders about the initial normalcy of ATC comm etc.

Turn off the magic, :: The only (documented) way to do this was using the trim cutouts, which they did do.

set the pitch, :: the were pulling the whole time with little change in displayed pitch, some oscillations after trim cutout.

set the power, :: Crew left it at takeoff, speed reached and settled at near/just over VMO after trim cutout.

monitor the performance, :: don'n know enogh to comment, other than noticing speed, but they may have not have had confidence in instruments.

trim the aircraft, :: One has to believe they were trying once cutout, may have wasted some time if only right switch was selected in mistaken belief that manual electric would still be available as on NG. Unfortunalty no detail in prelim report.

move to a safe altitude. . :: require pitch control, although they were gradually climbing until the end.
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