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There is a convention amongst psychiatrists known as the Goldwater rule - not to make public diagnoses from afar and without patient permission. The rule arose after US Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater lost in what many observers judged to be a campaign prejudiced by remote comments on mental health. Interestingly, many members of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) have stepped away from this rule in regards to Trump - but that's for another thread.

Is Jason Mad, Bad or Sad? To an extent it's immaterial, he is mendaciously leading vulnerable people on a dance and in so doing creating false hopes. Having worked in Silicon Valley, as well as an aviator and physician what I sense here is a 'fake-it-til-you-make-it' drive, which is a growing norm and aspirational role model - a few succeed until the fakery is exposed (Theranos, Fyre), most don't.

I think Jason believes by that saying that which he and others wish to believe (as often as possible), he creates reality. Is that Mad - possibly. Sad - most certainly. Bad - that is in the behest of authorities. However, I believe the PPRuNe community has a Duty to Warn - oddly the name taken by those of the APA suggesting Trump is unfit to lead.

As for Oleg E...I might break the rule.

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