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So as this thread continues towards the five-grand mark, how many of these posts have been a version of "well, if this had happened to me and my F/O, we'd have done this, that and those other things and everyone would have been fine because FLY THE AIRPLANE and BASIC AIRMANSHIP and we're not children of the magenta line, we're hairy-armed master aviators."

But let's get this straight. It never happened to you.

There are three pilots alive to whom this failure (AoA failure arms MCAS, which kicks in as flaps retract) actually happened. Four others are dead along with their passengers, The failure caused two fatal accidents less than two years after service introduction. Compare this to anything in the past 25 years of aviation and tell me that's not unusual, that the AoA/MCAS sequence is something that should be handled with normal training.

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