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Originally Posted by Vokes55 View Post
They would almost certainly keep it afloat even if in just a scaled down form that serves the Norwegian regions and trunk routes out of and around Scandinavia.

The money isn’t going to run out at Norwegian (much to the dismay of the majority of people on this forum).
Except the money very nearly did run out at the back end of last year, only saved by an emergency rights issue. By the way a rights issue is the last resort when trying to raise finance. It’s the only thing left after nobody else, including the banks, will touch you with a barge pole. According to these latest financial results they have already burnt their way through a sizeable chunk of this money. You’d have to be an ostrich with your head in the sand to not be able to see that there are major problems with the ongoing solvency of this company, however much you like to imply anyone who questions the business model is some sort of “hater”.
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