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Originally Posted by formulaben View Post
I am not rude and I asked 3 times...thank you for finally answering that you have no clue how much more training is required.
I have a clue.

This is about:
Systems knowledge

Systems knowledge
A document/ipad/manual will give the systems knowledge.

If the new software were to have an aural alert "MCAS" whenever it triggered, then this would make recognition easy. Because if you are in a phase of flight that is normal, and the machine cries "MCAS", then you know it's a fault and quickly flick the switches. This part would not require sim training.

If the new software does not alert you, then recognition has been demonstrated by two crews as difficult, and therefore this would require sim training. Maybe 3 or 4 scenarios based on different phases of flight and different erroneous inputs.

The recovery may require sim training regardless of the above. If you're in a benign state and MCAS activates (and you recognise) then recovery is not hard, and has been previously trained. But what if you are in an expeditious descent (say, 330 knots) and MCAS triggers? You flick the switches. But now you are probably in a slight overspeed, pointing the wrong way, holding against the trim and are faced with hand-trimming. I would suggest that I would like to practice that in the sim, and I'd like the crew of the Max I am in the back of to have also practised that - before I get on board.

So however you look at it, sim training is required. Probably just 1 hour per crew, but 1 hour none the less.
Anything less, I'm not going.
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