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Jason - the B777 you portray as being ready for a makeover is in fact destined for the boneyard. Trust me, I know.

After reading through the masses of postings on here, LinkedIn and other forms of social media, it has become very clear that you are at least suffering from some kind of mental health issue. My advice, possibly backed by others, is that you should cease login on to these platforms and get help before you suffer at the hands of the law.

You may read my short post and tell yourself that I am delusional but after 38 years in aviation, I know when I can smell a rat and you Sir, will be caught and soon. Possibly when you least expect it because in the background, there maybe genuine people out there who are working to bring down your false claims through the legal system and it will take one knock on your door to stop you in your tracks.

Take this tiny offering of advice and use it wisely.
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