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Originally Posted by 737 Driver View Post
). Ultimately, it wasn't even the 8122-hour Captain who suggested that the trim cutout switches be used - it was the 361-hour First Officer.
The reason people are bashing your skygod/airmanship analysis is hidden in your statement above.

Why do you think the captain didn't get it, but the FO did?

Really, why?

As so many are saying, this is HF. Think: volume of input and processing.

A final thought: do you think that if the ET crew had trained this scenario in the sim, then when it happened for real then they would have been fine? The comfort of the sim helps recognition, which reduces processing, which allows improved performance through lack of overload. The max is a dog, but Boeing would have got away with it (again) if pilots had been sim trained.

These pilots were overloaded, they weren't adequately prepared and the aircraft is flawed.
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