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wonkazoo, thanks for a thought provoking break from the regular arguments. Refreshing to have one's mind taken so vividly to that scene. Talking of minds.

A couple of times I've posted about getting into the minds of the three MAX crews. I've tried to paint the picture of the chaos and mental confusion that was probably - and I mean, probably - taking place.

Strangely, if feel Could've done's and should've done's are fine for analytical discussion . Yes, they're often unkindly critical, but without them we don't have both sides of the most fundamental part of this long thread: the argument between both camps. More or less the performance of the four pilots, V FAA and Boeing's behaviour.

I protested that the months of hindsight invalidates any true judgement we may feel compelled to put forward against the pilots.

Getting into the mind of an average pilot, whatever that might be these days. One thing's for sure, it's not one that's had his senses sharpened by months of focussed discussion on this specific crisis, and not necessarily comparable to some of the pilots on here that have a wealth of experience on a wide range of Boeing products.
I further expressed some astonishment at what I described as the dichotomy of opinions between even the highly experienced PPRuNe posters.
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