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It is probably safe to say a few things - Airnorth was not a smart financial investment for Bristow and they paid way too much for it.

Is it smart for a rotary specialist company now to off load it's two "odd men out" fixed wing operations - probably yes.

But what losses will they accept and more importantly who might buy it or even be interested?

I very much doubt MB, RL & JG would throw money at it in a buy back, but you never know. I am not sure JH would want to own it again even with sons. I think NP has lost enough with PA not to want to try that type of aviation again. The other Darwin based operators I doubt could or would wish to make an offer.

Qantas and Virgin I doubt would have an interest, the main contracts of these two I also doubt would have much interest in an offer.

A foolish territory government (they are common) may put in a offer as a vote winner but that would be bad in the long run for everyone.

So an Asian offer is a possibility - Darwin head office as base, but all crew and maintenance offshore bases.

Silk air for a song?
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