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I have a Breitling Chronomat, stainless and gold band with blue dial/gold bezel - the older model with the 15 & 45 swappable. Had them reversed so I have count up on the chrono then minutes countdown on the bezel. Slide rule is useless airborne though I've found it convenient for currency exchange rates that sort of thing. Was a gift from my departed wife when I passed the Flight Paramedic board exams & earned a place flying CSAR roughly the same time. It is my 2nd most treasured watch, behind a Tag Grand Carrera chronograph on a crocodile strap she gave me when she gave me the pleasure of marrying her.....the strap wears & loosens on the clasp, it slipped off my wrist on morning as I walked toward the door last year and has remained in the safe ever since. Anyway the '45' marker fell off week before last, probably lack of locktite by my local jeweler friend....tis $250 for that small piece of gold. Considering sending it for service they recommend 5 years it's been much more than that. But it keeps time something better than 1 second a month synched to the nuclear clock, several of my friends with Rolexes have 30-35 years of hard use without service and perfect function. Interestingly the core mechanism is identical in the Breitling and Tag both.

A Rolex Submariner in black cerachrome or whatever they call it & brushed stainless was my first Swiss mechanical certainly the simplest. It is off for it's bi-annual service, lifetime warranty BUT only if you send it in every other year by the cut date. There is a newer model now this one's the so-called 'scrambled serial number.' Imagine most of the parts are new each time they just say "ultrasonically clean, measure to tolerances and replace with new components as needed.' Interestingly after the Swiss movement houses stopped selling their base movements insisting the big names pay them for a finished piece not $20 for a $10,000 watch (much more work done of course) a Rolex chap told me they lost a lot of engineers being the only completely in-house maker as all the other Swiss names bought engineers from them along with the watch houses to develop their own movements.

Wear the Rolex or Breitling daily, the former having seen some very hard duty. A Casio Pro Trekker does duty in the mountains. Appreciate the mechanicals but yes it's a personal indulgence and status thing. No quote yet, local Breitling rep not very helpful. In the US but will pass contacts to any needed assuming I ever get them. Stay safe,

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