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Originally Posted by Rutan16 View Post
Mr Mac Munich is not a regional by any stretch of the imagination - Its The federal capital with Lufthansa and Star partners operating a true global Hub !

The works on T2x meet the highest current UK building standards for PUBLIC buildings in both environmental and security standards and what’s wrong RAL7016 ?

If you have worked on developments of a similar nature you will know full well that GLASS is most expensive needs substantial amounts of curtain walling rails normally sourced from just a very few German or Swiss manufacturers whilst they fail to meet the new UK public works explosion resistance standards in the main, and massively fail the environmental production standards of relevant Green credentials. Glass production is massively energy inefficient and poluting.

And to be frank what’s the point of glass even frosted with curtain walling rails on the lower ancillary levels or indeed upper levels containing air ventilation, and fire protection systems ?

As a pier it’s purely a functional structure, however there are issues with docking. Some of the air bridge alignment associated with the larger widebody jets that have been identified in early snagging.

Think I’ve said before this is not some architectural masterpiece never was going to be, and never should it be.

This concern that somehow foreign visitors care what the structures external appearance looks like is imho nonsense , however how they perceive the security customs and immigration processes will have an effect and for the most part these are controlled by other agencies.

Like it or not the VAST majority of the Manchester SLF clientele remains UK residents and with BREXIT looming the reintroduction of the Duty Free meagre allowances for many travellers (They will love the old 200 cigies, 1 litre of spirits and here’s the big one just 390 pounds of gifts with receipts) the airport and its concessions will need to get even more money from the departing passengers purses !

Rutan 16
I am aware that Munich is a state capital as our European office has moved there from London, and I keep a flat there as a result, so feel a little qualified to discuss the point. The hinterland and population is similar to that of Manchester and also its catchment area, so we are looking at similar possible traffic density. The fact that LH uses it as hub you should take up with BA, and ask why they abandoned everywhere outside the M25, but that is a different topic. I am sure the new building does meet current codes, or else the design team want sacking, and I did not say it did not. Do not confuse my comments re design with the issues involved in an infamous tower block, as that was not my point. What is wrong with Ral 7016 is that it is everywhere in the UK on public and private buildings, and is used primarily, as it hides dirt and therefore the cladding appears cleaner than it is, which means that people do not have to clean it so often. However if not cleaned by approved cleaners every 6 months your warranty disappears. Guess what does not get cleaned on most buildings unless your client has deep pockets or status. As for the curtain walling, yes there are Swiss / German / American / any number of others countries including some English ones, and glass is more expensive than panels, but if you want an airport like the sheds at Daventry distribution centre, or a US Walmart go with panels, but it is not statement architecture, and a poor advert for the region. Incidentally Asda Walmart tried to build a US style store in the UK in Yorkshire, and actually built it, but had to subsequently alter it to put more glass in as people did not like walking through a shed to shop. As for Green issues you will find that 30% of all glass used in construction is recycled, which has caused its own problems. If you Google Nickel Sulphide Inclusions you will see what I mean. I was not asking for an architectural master piece, as I am well aware that MAG does not have the budget for that , hell they can not even fix the lifts and escalators, so I was well aware we were not going to get a new HK/ SIN. However I thought we could have done better than a municipal bus station. I quoted the small municipal pool in Colne as good architecture on a strict budget, to show how it can be done, but you appear to want a Norman Foster inspired project which MAG could not afford. However was his practice asked, or were any other airport specialists asked for input ? I note your address is London, so I take it you are quite happy with T5, but feel that the regions are not worthy of having anything like that. Give them a bus shelter to smoke their fags in and drink their beer, on the way to the Med once a year ,and they will be happy ! We are supposed to inspire people to greater things, not settle for mediocrity, which is so prevalent in the way English society seems to be going. I do agree with you with regards security, check in, and immigration, but my experience at Manchester is a little mixed on all counts there. Not as bad as most US airports as rkenyon alludes to about JFK, and I hold the same views about there as well, and would also add ATL / LAX / SFO/ MIA and many others I have visited in the "Empire", but we should try to imitate the best, not the mediocre / dreadful. I agree with 96er, and there comment on railway stations, as some like GMEX even look well after their original function has ceased. As for Victorian labour practises Chaps 1954, I would look no further than current Zero hour labour practices, and ask have we improved much in the last say 100 + years, or are we regressing as a nation. Anyway enough of my rant, time to get my flight, as the drivers arrived.
Kind regards
Mr Mac

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