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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
It’s an alternative supplier rather than additional because the original supplier went bankrupt.

One of the the problems with such long development programmes - even worse in others, such as the F-35, where components such as processors become obsolete and unavailable and the systems need redesigning in the middle if the EOD process.
You'd think that if that was the case Sikorsky would mention it in their statement. Indeed, their comment from the Jane's story appears t say that all is well with their supply chain:

"Sikorsky’s existing supply chain can support the currently contracted quantities of aircraft. Due to the complex nature of the gearbox manufacturing, and to strengthen the supply chains for future production quantities and rate, second sources for some key components of the main gearbox are being developed.

Sikorsky has invested in improved tooling, modelling, and manufacturing at several suppliers to ensure the integrity of the programme schedule for currently contracted aircraft.

We are confident we will meet the marine’s goal for operational deployment in 2023–24.”

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