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Originally Posted by Antonio Montana View Post
Voyotv, you have quoted me out of context, it seems you don't understand the point I was trying to get across.

DODAR is an aid to help with decision making during an abnormal situation or emergency.
Each of the acronym stands for something that allows Pilots to come back to a situation to re-analyse their course of actions and the next required tasks.
If you have time, you can do one as a team, it is not designed to be used in a throwaway way, just to impress the Sim instructor, something I see all too often by cadets .

A NITS brief is to inform the Cabin Crew, via the Senior, of a situation they may need to prepare the cabin and passengers for, if you are returning a perfectly serviceable aircraft due to a problem with a passenger, it does not need a NITS. Again something I find overused in the SIM, by inexperienced crews.

If you are going to do them, then do them properly, which means working as a team.

As I said Keep It Simple, it does work. I know from experience, more than once.
The point is..

You are giving bad advice to people reading this thread and trying to pass the assessment. You need to FULLY brief DODAR and NITS, that is the whole point of the assessment. They assess your CRM, cooperation, briefs and performance under stress. And by not fully briefing “by the book”, you WILL FAIL.

People are not interested in how would you personally deal with this in a real world situation. In order to get there you first need to pass the assessment.

You probably also don’t drive your car the way you did on your check ride with your examiner, do you..?
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