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About the tests you have 9 tests here already 5 of them :

- scales lst - Deductive-logical Thinking

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with a grid containing several objects. Each object appears only once per row and per column. One cell in this grid shows a question mark. The task is to work out which object has to be displayed in the cell marked with the question mark.

- scales cmo - Monitoring Ability

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with a number of moving objects and is required to identify the number of these.

You are shown a circle with a number of balls bouncing around inside. Your task is to select from option possible answers how many balls you believe there to be shown. Whenever you get the previous answer right the test became progressively more difficult and the opposite is true if you were to make a mistake. Any number of balls can be displayed just to make this that bit more complex. Unlike other tests this one will tell you whether the answer you've selected is right or wrong.

From 5 – 15 moving objects

- scales clx - Inductive-logical Reasoning

You will be presented with two different tables. In both the tables, you must find the rules or relationship within a given pattern. Once you have found the rules or relationship within the given pattern you apply them to the four answer options to find the two tables that match.

- Cut-e Scales e3+ – ability to concentrate

You will be presented with an image, and you need to determine if this image is an 'E' with three dots next to it. You need to react as fast as possible to identify if the image is the 'E' with the three dots or not.

- Cut-e scales ndb : Spatial Orientation

This is a test to assess your spatial awareness and ability to read instruments.

Your task is to identify the position and course of an aircraft relative to a non directional beacon with the aid of a gyrocompass and a radio compass.

Each task has a gyrocompass (left) and a radio compass (right). The gyrocompass shows the direction in which the aircraft flies. The radio compass shows which direction the non directional beacon is located in. The radio compass always points to the north, but the arrow shows the direction the non directional beacon is located in always relative to the flight direction/longitudinal axis of the aircraft.

Your task is to determine the position and course of the aircraft relative to the non direction beacon (NDB center of the grid) with the aid of the two compasses. You need to choose one of the four aircrafts pictures to indicate the course. Your task is to drag the aircraft with your mouse to one of the eight positions in the grid on the left .

A test where you have 2 exercices : memorize 3-5 positions and tell if 2 pictures are identical
A "Slide Puzzle Ball" game where you have to move a ball to a hole with the fewest possible mouvements and you also have to move/slide some blocks to achieve this goal
2 others English Test

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