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Originally Posted by Bend alot View Post
But Gordon the problem is there are things NOT up for discussion (seems under any and all circumstances - even before final reports) by Boeing and the FAA.

Training clearly being one of them - there will be no compromise it seems, there will be no required sim training or "detailed" training for the MAX.

That spells corruption to me.
I am not privy to any of the details, but it seems the joint investigation has not come to any conclusions, so the decisions by Boeing and the FAA are merely the first steps:
The initial certification of Boeing's now infamous 737 Max models has been questioned by multiple countries and American agencies rallying to investigate the issue. The investigation of a joint international panel is expected to run for three months.
A global team of experts next week will begin reviewing how the Boeing 737 Max’s flight control system was approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA says experts from nine international civil aviation authorities have confirmed participation in a technical review promised by the agency.

Former National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Chris Hart will lead the group, which also will have experts from the FAA and NASA. They will look at the plane’s automated system including the way it interacts with pilots. The group will meet Tuesday and is expected to finish in 90 days.
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