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Originally Posted by Dani View Post
Still, who tells us that it was a bird strike? It could be very well that the flight computer software delivers correct AOA data to the stall computer on ground and then starts to mix them up in the air. I read nothing of a bird strike in the preliminary.

This does not mean that the AOA is broken, but the AOA data.

Bird strike theory isnt in the preliminary but in this thread a logical solution for the AoA values was presented earlier. If the AoA vane detaches due to for example a bird strike, the heating failure warning is explained. Also, the counterweight would case it to turn to 90 degree, exept for acceleration forces. It seems to reach 75 degree(measuring limit?) and stay there until A/C enters negative G, then the reading seems to follow the minus G. It seems to be affected by negative G-forces as a free turning counterweight would.
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