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Originally Posted by cavortingcheetah View Post
The activities of the eco mob entirely vindicate my attitude towards such matters as rubbish sorting, conservation giving and driving V8 cars.
Why on this wonderful green earth should I alter my pleasures or inconvenience myself by one iota in order to ensure that muppets such as these should have a less fraught future, I do not separate my rubbish, nor shall I, I do not give to conservation, nor would I and I do drive V8 cars. The useless idiots of today should be made to similarly suffer through the hardships that my generation had to contend with and they'll come out the other side better men for it. The women, having ideas way above their stations anyway, count for little more than amateur twerkers anyway.
As for the very young and the unborn but nearly so, those who will inherit the planet after the present youthful useless moronity has veganized itself into a solitary sterile society, they had best be taught how to use guns and other fun weapons of war because their parents' generation will have succumbed to Russian influence and their legacy will need to be both need to be forgotten and redeemed.
They should all be made to live in grass huts and use Bronco.
You are absolutely right and everyone else is wrong. Phew. That's a relief.
I congratulate you for being so clever.

Now. Just be careful when you drive that lovely V8 car of yours because if you drive too far you will fall off the end of that flat earth of yours.
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