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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
Sorry there BAL, I misread your question. If you're used to manually trimming ie hand-flying, you're in a much better position to detect when the trim has gone haywire, and much more likely to do something about it ie trim back to neutral. It goes without saying that if you are used to handflying and trimming, when you are forced to, it won't be a total shock to have to do so and you'll have more spare brainspace to think about what is occurring and take action (or instruct your mate) to resolve the situation.
Not a pilot. To paraphrase what you seem to be saying: When all the trim automation (including MCAS) fails, it hands you a manually controlled aircraft, in a mis-trimmed configuration, that a pilot without frequent practice is unfamiliar with. Sounds like ET302, or is the problem more widespread?
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