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Originally Posted by MANFOD View Post
That's a fair point but does the 1 route / 1 airline policy still stand at LHR for China services?
The other issue is whether Air China still hold the rights to PVG-MAN and if so, how will the CAAC react to the application by Juneyao to serve MAN, albeit as an extension to their Helsinki service.
Juneyao are one of those many quasi private Chinese companies that when really probed are pretty much a front and don’t stand up to City and financial standards .

Very close inspection shows rather close links to both Air China and China Southern !

Indeed it appears to me that the guys at Air China manipulate both purse strings and direction. Suffice to say it’s just another shell ( they record profits allegedly !)

Given known internal politics around Air China’s desire for more access to Shanghai whilst they actively block ( with tacit approval of the CAAC ) similar access for China Eastern out of Beijing ( China Southern being to preferred second carrier from Daxing !) me thinks Juneyeo are a play by the big two to break China Easterns hold at Shanghai via the back door and via the “new entrance rules”

As usual China’s aviation market still sleight of hand and illusion

That said would be nice to see them pick up the Air China licence !

The one carrier one route “rule” very much remains for the immediate future and even in Beijing as two carriers won’t operate from the same airport but the market as a whole will be considered a single one !

So for instance China Southern have been awarded Daxing - London and will certainly start this very soon - they are VERY LIKELY to acquire a pair of Jet evening slots in the next weeks especially as they have a code share and partnership with owners Etihad already !
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