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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
Doesn't the logic go that if you reduce the birth rate you wind up with too many older, non productive people in the population, resulting insufficient money to finance the costs of said aging population? An answer is of course to radically raise the retirement age to, say, 80, so that your average person only has 5 years left to claim pension benefits, but of course in the west that isn't a very popular policy and would lose any party an election were they to promote such a policy.

Third world population growth has to be controlled, and to do that politicians have to ride roughshod over the sensibilities of the Catholic Church, Islam and Judaism to name but three. Who is going to be brave enough to do this. Only dictators come to mind as being up to the task.
Back when the old age pension was started in the UK, the average life expectancy for men was 67, and the pension started at 65. So you did all your working for the good of society, had a couple of years of rest and then popped your clogs. What is the average life expectancy for men in the UK these days? Lets move the pension age to two years less than that, it will make those current pensioners get back to work and be productive
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