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In summary, you should feel ashamed of youself for your small minded thinking.
Open youreyes and open your mind. Climate change is reality and climate change is happening and it will affect you.
Buster, I'll believe climate change is a clear and present danger when the people telling me it is start acting like it's a clear and present danger. You know, those that fly in private jets to their climate conferences, live in 1,000 sq. meter homes that use more energy in a month than my house does in a year, and ride around in chauffeur driven cars while telling me to cut my carbon emission.
Telling the 'little people' that they need to change their lifestyle to protect the planet while they continue to live the high carbon life is not just hypocritical - it's destructive to the message.
Yes, we need to cut carbon emissions, we need to do more to protect the planet, but we need honest, realistic methods to do it. Things like the US "Green New Deal" (which would effectively destroy the US economy if enacted) do more harm than good.

Oh, and they've been telling us that we had at best 10 years before the problem became irreversible for about 30 years. Forgive me for being a bit skeptical about their latest claims.
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