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Originally Posted by sixchannel View Post
Some of our family live 25 miles north of Bristol (the City). They invariably choose BHX over BRS as the route to BRS ftom the north takes as long as the one up to BHX. And trying to get to BRS in the Summer via a car-jammed M5 is a DEFINITE no-no. OK, I know the M42 is no picnic either.
All of which has nowt to do with the subject 'Exeter'. Sorree.
Passenger stats show that a lot more South West people use BHX than West Midlands people use BRS, and that's not a new phenomenon. It is relevant to EXT in a way because as I pointed out in a previous post most of BRS's non-core cachment passengers originate or have a final destination in Devon or South Wales, not the Midlands or South East, so EXT does have a chance of getting some back. I think its problem will always be the thinner routes. The major sun routes have a market - obviously the key is to ensure satisfactory yields - even if frequencies are limited.

My brother-in-law lives on Dartmoor and he is always bending my ear about having to go to Bristol or Gatwick for his sun holiday flights. He keeps asking why Ryanair and easyJet don't fly from EXT. I've now told him that it's up to him to put his money where his mouth is following the Ryanair entry to EXT.
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