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Originally Posted by AndreaCass View Post

I think I'll have to plan very well when I do the assessments, as I will be back from abroad for only a week. I just hope I'm able to book assessment 3 during that week, in case I pass stage 2.

When you are invited to book a date, do you mind sharing if they let you choose during the full 30 days?
Hi Andrea

If it's anything like the old system there's 4 a month (3 at CTC and 1 at prestwick) so no you don't get a choice, though I passed my stage 2 in feb and was allowed till may to sit my stage 3. If I were in your situation I would do 1 of 2 things (first option being preferable)

1. Reassess your motivations and make yourself available whenever you have to be.
i spent 7 days away from home and now well into the 1000's in trains/taxis/hotels etc to get through from application to nailing stage 3.
At the end of the day if it's the thing for you, you will find a way.

2. Contact the recruitment email, explain your position and ask for some more info and thier veiw on your best way forward.
At the end of the day the process is ran by humans and they do understand that life isnt always simple.

Im sorry if my advice seems fairly blunt/harsh but the process is harsh and NATS invests heavily in the correct people and offers incredible reward, and as such expects the same excellence and commitment in return.
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