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Originally Posted by aronsha View Post
can you tell me a definite advantage of the APS MCC compared with a normal MCC? That justifies the higher price?
Normal JOC uses any jet aircraft. For example, Simtech use an XJ trainer which I think is a combination of 737 classic and CRJ. It's a bit of a mongrel. You'll learn generic procedures and settings.

An APS uses a specific aircraft type, for example Simtech use the 737-800 for their APS. They use the Boeing FCOMs and you'll spend your time studying the same aircraft Ryanair use. Also, you'll spend 40 hours on the sim (instead of 24 for the standard JOC) which will be helpful when you are going for your sim assessment in Ryanair.

To take it a step further, by going for the AFTA or Sky4u, Ryanair APS schemes, you'll spend your time learning specific Ryanair procedures and callouts. This leaves you in a much stronger position when going for a job at Ryanair. However, if you go somewhere else it may be of little use (depending on their aircraft type).
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