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I know what you mean. I'm out of the world of work right now but even in my final days I was very much aware of corporate bullshit. It got me into trouble sometimes.

As for movies well they often follow a particular line. I've grown to enjoy some of the the trashiest movies feeling perhaps that some of the films are a bit pseudo. Strangely I enjoy the Transporter movies with Jason Statham. They are farcical but you just know Statham is enjoying it as much as you do.

I like silly Science Fiction stuff too.

My wife who is highly educated, intelligent and well the boss has several sisters three of whom are Phds. They all love trashy celebrity magazines and trashy, typically ITV shows and movies
Their excuse is the escape from their day to day complex lives.
They have a point.
But I still won't watch the UK's got Talent with her.

It's escapism no more no less.

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