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Originally Posted by cessnapete View Post
Doesnít seem a happy place to join, having had a crew member stay with me recently.
Very little roster stability, last minute trip changes, some at the airport on trip check in. Maximum hours planned with mainly repetitive fatiguing Atlantic nightsops with the odd Lagos.
Although his fleet has an extensive Caribbean network, time off and trip bid choices rarely awarded, with only a couple of Caribbean trips ln last year or so.
It also appears seniority not apparent in B787 course progression, as more junior pilots allocated at random.
With such a seemingly poor rostering system, sickness seems the only way to regulate stress and fatigue at the moment.
donít join then. the people I know there are happy with their lot. Yep, things could be better but it seems a much happier place to work than other Carriers, UK and abroad.

I donít actually understand your post? Are you just mud-slinging or have you just failed an interview and now hoping people agree with your post in the hope of justifying your failure?
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