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Originally Posted by NoelEvans View Post
There is an excellent article in Flight International this week: "Questions persist after Ethiopian loss".

If there are questions about pilot training, I feel that they should be directed not so much at type-rating and airline training, but rather at the first 200 hours of a pilot's training. There have been too many crashes where the very, very basics of flying an aeroplane seems to have been forgotten.

Quote from the 'Effect of Controls' lesson at the very beginning of flying training: "At high airspeeds, typically with a low nose attitude, the controls are harder to move, very effective and require only small movements to bring about a change of flight path. They feel firm." The last paragraph of that Flight article is very very pertinent.
That could be one explanation of the seemingly tentative trim inputs especially by Lion Air FO, although the (possible) ergonomic factors discussed above are intriguing.
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