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Maybe I can add as someone working towards a PPL in comparable circumstances? Right now I am looking at >3 weeks without flying and I know that will set me back; I will try to reduce the damage by frequently 'armchair flying' through all the emergency procedures. Personally, I find that the 'cadence' of flying is really critical - a few days between lessons seems to be a good thing, longer than 10 days begins to be a problem. I now have around 6 hours solo with perhaps 20 landings / T&G's and I am getting confident with the key manoeuvres (quite possibly dangerously confident) and being unable to fly for weeks is deeply painful when I really want to consolidate my skills.

However, my instructors are extremely demanding - I cannot imagine being allowed to take the test without them being very confident that I was ready. I think the tests - both theory and practical - should be surprisingly easy for you NOT surprisingly difficult! So far that is how I have found them.

Right now my progress is stalled because I have a backlog of theory exams to take which is blocking me from a cross-country. Getting time for work with a heavy travel schedule, plus family commitments, plus flying, plus theory, plus adequate sleep is really tough, but seems to be possible. I think there is something very wrong with the way you describe your progress and timing and I wonder about he school allowing this situation.
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