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Originally Posted by rolling20 View Post
. If higher flying heavy bombers had evolved, then the Germans would have had an answer.
That is your "last sentence". Do you stand by that?
How about this one, " The fact is that the mosquito even in the LNSF was seen more as a nuisance"
Now, in the light of your opinion that the speed/height inferiority of the heavy bombers was not an important factor, you state, "Further, when you have 700+ bombers all going to the same target, once the nightfighter is 'in the stream', then they have the advantage" , so what is that "advantage"? Speed? No, it can't be because you conclude "no matter what speed the bomber is travelling at."
I am sorry rolling, but firing-off random historical opinions and failing to understand the dynamics of AI in the gun only days of WW2 is no basis to contend that faster/higher bombers would not have altered the loss rate!

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