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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
Where are you going to find 16-20 inch oak beams in 40 foot lengths?
When it is rebuilt, it will not be the same structure. Likely steel frame under an old-looking skin.
Getting the Oak timbers is not the problem. Plenty en France and in Britain. There is a fundamental difference between French oak and British Oak - some would even say it won us Trafalgar but let's not go there at this point in time; we're all friends joined by a mutual tragedy.

The wood's not the lost bit, It's the craft - the preparing/ shaping and installing (those handed down skills) that folks have passed up in the race for glass and steel and USB plugs.

That having been said - there is a very select band of Oakwrights - who will doubtless be called in. We will see this magnificent structure rebuild once more.
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