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You need to visit Germany. Welded rails, so no clickety-clack, and the ICE that can run past a platform doing over 100 mph. (There's a broad white stripe on the edge of the platform, meant to keep you far enough away from the edge that the draft of the passing train does not pull you off your feet and into the train. Not onto the train, just into it enough to rearrange you a bit.)

You can be standing there chatting, waiting for the regional service to Bremen or Hannover, when seemingly out of nowhere this light gray apparition comes flashing past with very little warning, fast and quiet. You would never hear that thing soon enough to get out of its way, believe me.

One day I was waiting for the train to Bremen, along with a group of young women, when the regional service to Hannover stopped across from us, discharged its passengers, and went on its way. Left behind was Vicky Pollard's German sister, who greeted her pals on our side by asking who had a light. Then she crossed the tracks, got her fag fired up, and crossed back the other way. Three tracks in all, and regular ICE service passing through the village on the way to bigger places. A very strong candidate for a Darwin Award that one, when awards are handed out rather often here.
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