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Originally Posted by SW1 View Post
Ok. Can you post the main requirements for experienced foreign pilots?

Whats the maximum BMI? ?waist circumference?

Have the CAAC medical dept relaxed their standards now?

You guys are welcome, so, I dived into searching and finally found something, seriously guys stay away from China, see? Even our laws are chaos and as a Chinese, wow, I am tired after finding this...this.

So, this is an article I found from a public platform (like public account in FB) in WECHAT( I think those pilots working in China now must hate this app haha). The article is explaining the details concerning BMI and waist circumference, I think this public platform is run by a chinese aviation doctor because come on, all his articles are about medical exam, that's boring.

Anyway, original article here:

根据121招飞体检标准即《民用航空招收飞行学生体格检查鉴定规范(MH-T 7013-2006)》对体重有明确的要求,通常要求体质指数(BMI)不应大于24或小于18.5。
According to 121 part medical requirements for cadets (mh-t 7013-2006), there is a specific requirement towards weight, and normally that requires a BMI between 24 and 18.5.

其中BMI = W/H2其中W:体重,单位为公斤(kg);H:身高,单位为米(m)。
And the BMI = W/H2 (W:weight, unit: kg ; H: height, unit: m)

当体质指数大于24时,腰围小于85cm,腰臀比小于0.90,体型匀称,肌肉发达,胸、腹、腰等部位无脂肪堆积现象可视为合格 。
When the BMI>24, but the waist circumference <85cm and the Waist–hip ratio<0.90, also the whole body is Well-proporti, muscular, no fat accumulation in the chest, abdomen, waist and other parts, the cadet can be regarded as qualified.
When the BMI<18.5, but the skeletons and muscles are in good condition, the cadet can be regarded as qualified.

So for those cadets who have already passed the cadet admission medical exame or annual medical exam for airman who are now servicing for airlines, is that the requirements are the same strict as the cadet admission medical exam?

A: For cadets who passed or active duty pilots' annual medical exam, there is no requirements for weight.

也就是说,只要通过了招飞体检,今后的体重无论有多超重,有多肥胖,有多体重不足,航空体检鉴定均不会因为你的体重问题而不合格 。但是肥胖和很多疾病密切相关,最常见是高血压、糖尿病、冠心病、脑血管疾病和恶性肿瘤,如果肥胖导致心脑血管疾病和恶性肿瘤的 发生,飞行生涯将会中断。
That's to say, as long as you passed the cadet admission medical, from then on no matter how you exceed the weight required reference value or say no matter how fat you are or no matter how thin you are, the civil aviation medical examiner won't fail you because of that. But the point is that many illnesses are related to obesity, of which the most common ones are Hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and malignant tumors, so if your obesity causes cerebrovascular disease or malignant tumors( "I don't know what's gonna happen when other illnesses listed here occurred, he didn't say it clearly"), then you'll be grounded and that's all for your pilot career.

超重或肥胖虽然不是直接导致停飞的重要原因,但是心脑血管风险排查的一个重要参数。根据《空勤人员和空中交通管制员体检鉴定医学 标准(AC-67FS-001)》,Ⅰ、Ⅲa级体检合格证申请人如有下列三项及以上危险因素,应做次极量运动负荷试验:
Although obesity is not a direct cause to being grounded, but it's one of the important factors to do the Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk investigation:
a) Hypertension or history of that

b) Diabetes, impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance or glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) ≥ 6.5% (reference value: 4-6%);

c)Upper limit of blood total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) or triglyceride (TG) > reference value;)

d) obesity

e)Carotid plaque or carotid intima-media thickness ≥1.2mm

So if you are overweighted, you're gonna take this investigation earlier than others 'coz the opportunity on you of occurrence is much higher!


Puff... So now i also attach this clipping from CCAR-67FS-R4 and translation here to support what I am saying: previously you guys are looking at medical requirements for cadets, that's not for you! And according to this clipping here, for you guys the requirements will be much the same as Chinese active duty airman, the difference is about how you gonna apply for the medical certificate and how you keep it balabala... :
第 67.45 条 外籍飞行人员体检合格证管理
(a)持有其他国际民航组织缔约国民航当局颁发的有效体检合格证的外籍民用航空器驾驶员,在申请参加公共航空、通用航空、飞行院 校等民用航空器运行单位飞行运行不足 120 日(含本数)的,可以申请取得所在地地区管理局签发的外籍飞行人员体检合格证认可证书,样式见附件 C。超过 120 日的,应当申请办理按照本规则颁发的体检合格证。
证书的申请后,按照本规则第 67.25 条和第 67.27 条的规定进行受理和审查。审查认为符合相应要求的,给予颁发相应的体检合格证或体检合格证认可证书;审查认为不符合相应要求的, 不予颁发体检合格证或体检合格证认可证书,并书面通知申请人和所在单位。
(d)参加我国航空单位飞行运行的外籍飞行人员履行职责时,应当同时持有其他国际民航组织缔约国民航当局颁发的有效体检合格证和 依照本规则颁发的有效认可证书,或者持有依照本规则颁发的有效体检合格证。
Google translation :
Article 67.45 Management of medical certificate for foreign flight personnel
(a) A pilot of a foreign civil aircraft holding a valid medical certificate issued by a civil aviation authority of another ICAO Contracting State is not more than 120 days in the application for participation in public aircraft, general aviation, flight schools and other civil aircraft operating units (including this number) ), you can apply for the certificate of the foreign flight personnel medical certificate issued by the local regional authority, see Appendix C for the style. For more than 120 days, you should apply for a medical certificate issued in accordance with these rules.
(b) Foreign flight personnel apply for medical examinations of medical examination institutions in accordance with the provisions of these rules
After obtaining the medical examination and accreditation conclusions that meet the requirements of these rules, you may apply to the local regional administration for a medical certificate.
(c) The Regional Authority receives a medical certificate or approval from a foreign flight officer.
After the application for the certificate, it shall be accepted and reviewed in accordance with the provisions of Articles 67.25 and 67.27 of the Rules. If the examination considers that the corresponding requirements are met, the corresponding medical certificate or medical certificate approval certificate shall be issued; if the examination considers that the corresponding requirements are not met, the medical certificate or the medical certificate certificate shall not be issued, and the applicant and the unit shall be notified in writing. .
(d) Foreign flight personnel participating in the flight operations of our aviation units shall, when performing their duties, hold valid medical certificates issued by other civil aviation authorities of the ICAO Contracting States and valid recognized certificates issued in accordance with these Rules, or hold in accordance with these Rules. A valid medical certificate issued.

Also gonna attach the complete document of that and AC-67FS-001(details about medical requirements, sad is there is no FAQs, no example, no plain language and of course no english inside), feel free to ask me about some specific lines from it.

PS: If anyone has flown with your Chinese colleagues who quit and continue flying in ANY AIRLINES THAT IS NOT IN CHINA and know how they DID this, please contact me, appreciate that.

Good day.
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