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Originally Posted by jjhews View Post
If anyone can shed some light:

I'm very aware you can't get a "rating" (to use operators' word) in Australia on a C210 as it is covered under the SEA provision. Design feature wise, if a candidate already has MPPC and RU endorsed on the CPL via Multi Engine Class Rating, then what exactly is considered a "C210 type rating"? Is this simply just time on type?

Just looking at general requirements with overseas charter operators and would like some comments on people with CASA licenes who've had to prove that they're "rated".
Depends on what country you are going to and their regulations. Some will accept time on type some won't and you will have to sit a ground exam and maybe a flight test on aircraft. Really it all depends on the country. Africa generally will want you to do a type rating but they will accept some certification if you can get it of your Training
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