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It's another indication of how Legal Aid is skewed to certain areas. Legal Aid in family law was stopped in 2013. It continues to be available in care proceedings for which the lawyer receives either a fixed fee (2300 in the Midlands) which can only be exceeded if the work done costs out at more the twice the fixed fee - if 3900 of work has been done, in the example shown, that's just too bad. The work is costed at 52.57 per hour plus letters out and telephone calls at 3.29 and letters in at 1.85. A fixed fee for attendance at Court is chargeable also.
As it takes more than 250 per hour to run an office is it any wonder that lawyers are no longer doing Legal Aid work ?
The news media, of course, only publicise those lawyers charging high fees for work done for banks, insurance companies, large companies etc. and high profile cases like that of Begum.
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