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Originally Posted by ironbutt57 View Post
for fixed term contracts, the company was required to pay out 3 months OR 50% of the remaining contract, which ever is greater as they painfully found out a few years back when the genius CEO from the military cut some pilots, that they needed back 3 months later...some made out pretty good in that payout

the over 60 thing finally got fixed, nowadays one flies to 65, no issues..

Yep. We got paid out the remainder of the 2 year contract without issues. (>3 months) Made good money out of it. The whole process was quit efficient. We told them at the 'dismissal meeting' that they would need us again the same year as many guys were leaving to EY/QR and just hadn't resigned yet as they waited for a start date. We even offered to take all our leave and voluntary leave to remain in the company. Not interested. Months later they inquired if we wanted to come back. Yeah right...
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