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Originally Posted by OZBUSDRIVER View Post
Top weather and a good xwind that added a bit of spice. Anyone who flies out of TYA can atest to the effects of orographic turbulence in even a small xwind. Add a STOL comp, the first of many, I hope, and you have a good testing of technique. From the punter's point of view. $10.00 entry and cheap eats equals good value. Add pilots attempting serious aviation at the bottom end of the performance curve and things start looking quite spectacular as aircraft get crossed up and out of energy close to the ground. Lots of Foxbats, amazing short field performance compared to the purpose built Just machines...Highlander and a SuperSTOL in attendance. The compulsory Maule product as well as the organiser's big iron C185. A couple of Carbon Cubs, a Bearhawk and a Husky. A small field considering the fleet of Zenair CHs, Hornets and Storch replicas...as well as a real one under restoration in the OAC hangar that will/could be atracted into the competition in the future. Didnt pay too much attention to the actual performances but there was a few that got on and off the ground in sub50m runs...my bad, was just too busy enjoying the antics :-) Good day all round.
Thanks for that report:-):-) Liked to have been there but my body said not now sunshine:-(
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