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Having worked on the tarmac before and after hi-viz vests became 'fashionable' .. it is my personal view that they do contribute to safety.

While driving on the ramp, it may not strike you immediately that someone is around but if he was wearing a hi-viz vest you would stop and think..'didn't I see someone there a minute ago? Where is he now?. Especially with ULDs near an aircraft.. There would usually be someone checking the number of pallets and checking the nets or looking for one particular pallet.

Fact is in my neck of the woods (South-east Asia) the requirement for wearing said vests coincided with the boom in LCCs. This resulted in rushed turns and everyone was in everyone else's way to get a narrow-body out in 20minutes Compared to before when it took a leisurely 45 minutes (and that was considered short.. 1 hour was preferrred!).

My pet beef is the vest do not get renewed often enough. Some of the loader's vests are past their best and are a dirty yellow/green which is not optimum.

my $0.02

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