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That is not even a strange story for Florida... I think they get a little too much sunshine down there.

Mrs.' MiO (Pajero Pinin) dropped the rear muffler while she was coming home around 9 last night. The P. and I had to don our capes and tights, to the kei truck! and mount a rescue, which was accomplished temporarily with some bailing wire.

Dawn inspection revealed a rear muffler mounting bracket let go, causing the center pipe to shat the rear flange. Sunday, parts most likely two~three days out. Gonna need both center and rear sections for a proper repair. Removed the muffler, cut off the welded nuts and was able to get the bolts out and salvage the CP flange. Welded a short piece of Hilux exhaust left over from a previous project on my truck (it is about perfect ID to OD) onto the flange then clamped the CP and repair together, welded the broken bracket Responsible and bolted 'er up.

She'll hold C'pn... steady on.
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