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IB. Don;t wish to get too bogged down in legal specifics that might drift too far for the thread but mate of mine was one of the previously referred to "Age over 60" pilots transferred to A340 on one year contracts. He was booted out for being too noisy over the deal , within the one year period, He even had to fight very dirty for the three month's pay in lieu of notice. He suffered having to sign off on legitimate sick leave being taken from annual leave bank ! Not being a whizz at mental arithmatic, he thought he came out of it with 3000 dinars more than expected, blasted off to the Mall & bought himself his leaving gift.

One year contracts still required three month's notice on either side. While three months pay in lieu of that would be easy to recognise, are you suggesting that since it was a one year contract, terminated within one year (even three months), more compensation would have been appropriate ?

Too late now because all those terminated are required to a sign a "full payment" obtained with "no redress" after leaving the island. If you didn't sign, you didn;t get anything. Charming.

He signed, glad to get out of it and gave himself his leaving gift.
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