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Originally Posted by Wee Weasley Welshman View Post
I find it amazing that just four years after a German airline pilot murdered 150 people by flying his Airbus into an Alp on purpose that the general public simply donít remember it happened, which airline, where or when. The brand just carried on.

It will be fixed. Four years from now the General Public wonít even recall there was a crash in Ethiopia or what version of Airbus 737 it was.

A strange comparison. There isn't much risk anyone is going to end up flying with the cause of that accident.

We are frankly in uncharted waters in terms of how the public react if/when it is returned to service. It's the first time something like this has happened in the social media age. And the coverage of it has been more thorough in terms of technical details of the aircraft than anything I've seen before.I suspect there could be a significant prolonged effect on passenger preferences. The fact that an engine like Kayak is allowing passengers to filter out specific aircraft will have a few people sweating, since there's only 1 aircraft I can imagine anyone choosing to filter out...
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