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Worked there for almost 6 years, mostly it was a happy time. The hotels were pretty great the last couple of years save a few choice ones and they were starting to send long haul proceedings biz class (within reason). Everything else is pretty normal stuff, the working hours are pretty intense but then again they don’t hide it or lie at the interview and if it gets too much you can have a sensible discussion about it,

They provided me with some nice type ratings and second to none experience in exchange for my efforts I’m really grateful for the opportunity they gave me if they had offered me more money or some real vacation time I’d have been very happy to stay. The reality was I couldn’t really afford to stay.

The thing is, most people leave a job with an axe to grind and you only hear about the bad experiences or folks like Nibs who are just incredibly committed to it and don’t like the bad stuff being aired.

I miss the people a lot, the work isn’t much different. I get paid more and I booked my first 2 week foreign vacation for my family in nearly 7 years I could not have done this at Vista, It is not perfect but I most certainly don’t look back all angry at being mistreated, I had a ball.
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