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From what I could tell when I went for my assessment they are just looking for friendly mature people who have a good attitude to hire

They have one of the best training of any airline worldwide if not the best so I don't think flight school or college degree matter too much to them, from what I could tell they know they can train the pilots to very high standards so the most important thing is your attitude and first impression

At interviews first impression is everything, if you don't give off a good first impression initially it may be hard to change their mind about you later during the interview and maybe they made their mind up about you already and won't get the job

In my opinion humility is one of the most important traits anyone can have not just pilots, show the interviewer you are professional, polite, friendly and can have a chat and I think it will go a long way for interviews moving forward

I really enjoyed my day there and it was nothing like I was expecting, very friendly people that work there and made me feel very comfortable on the day

Last but not least show them you are a team player, airline flying is all about the team and having each other's back and that includes cabin crew and any other crew from ground crew to ATC it's all about how you can engage with people on a day to day basis
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