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Originally Posted by itchybumba View Post
Hi Pinuz89,

Ryanair defintely dont need to make money from sim assessments. When you think of the cost of personnel for the day, all the paperwork that goes into it, the cost of buying and maintaining the sim at Dublin just for interviews, there isnt much profit in it and they would make far far more money selling 1 cup of coffee to every traveller on 1 day than they would on a year of interviews!

Having done the assessment your decision to do a dodar and nits for a medical emergency also sounds ok to me - its what i did in the same circumstance and i got the job. So maybe your PF duties were not the thing that let you down on the day. I agree with other comments that on the line its unlikley you would dodar in this circumstance but its what Ryanair want to see in the sim on the interview.

Your PM duties - where you have said you were giving him tips..... be careful here. Youre part of a team and its both your job to ensure safe execution of the job in hand but if those tips could be interpreted as you telling the guy how to fly that could let you down.

I would also look very closely at your answers to the HR part of the interview. All you say here is that you said what you wanted to say and that you may not have been assertive. I wouldnt say its assertiveness they are looking for here really, but they defintely want people who have really thought through how a job in an airline like Ryanair will affect their life. Does the thought of living and working abroad excite you and how would you cope with it, how does it fit in with your personal circumstances and current family life? Answers to question such as "where do you see yourself in 5 years" often get glossed over as not important when in reality, in an airline that really needs to improve its retention of experienced staff, the answers you give here can be just as important to the outcome as how well you flew the ILS. So while i am sure you probably said something like being a 737 Captain in Ryanair... what about where you would be living, being happy in life having fulfilled a dream to fly but looking for how you can continue and grow in the company in the training departments, what about seeking an opportunity to get the Learjet TR in the company etc etc.... Really think about how you flesh out these answers to sound like you have really thought about how you will build your life around the company to acheive a happy life, both professionally and personally.

Anyway, this interview didnt work out. If another one doesnt work out, next time maybe look closer to yourself than calling it a money making excersise. Ryanair still need pilots, and for what ever reason on that day 1 or more of the assessors didnt think you were the right fit for the company. So think about why that mightbe and try to adapt for the next interview.

Good luck to all the job hunters.
I like your comment, and I agree on most of your tips.

Just few clarification, we were told in the pre-assessment briefing that it's important not to bug immediately the speed chased, but for example, put flap 1 then bug 190; flap 5 then bug 170, ecc.
When I was the PM, my partner asked to bug 170, with flaps in up position. So I said : "Are you sure you don't want 190 ?"
He replied immediately "yes that's correct".

For this reason they put 2 pilots in a cockpit, so it was not for being arrogant, but just to point out the mistake my colleague has done, and viceversa for me, for safety reasons.

For what concerning the sentence I wrote about the money they asked for the assessment, ok, I wrote something dangerous, I needed to let off some steam those days.
But I haven't changed my mind on that, because I'm going into another interview next month, and this company is paying my tickets if I'll catch their airplanes to get there.
And this is way different from Ryr.
And I've never had to pay for a job interview !

Anyway I'm still having some doubts regarding the selection method.
I'm not talking about myself, let say for instace I'm not a good fit for them, I accept that, but what about all the other guys, with multiple experiences, coming from important schools ?
All the people I met, in Simtech during the MCC course, all my flight school mates, and other guys I know, nobody passed (in different periods), and one of them is now working for a flag carrier !
To be fair just few guys got the job, but at least 2 years ago.

It sounds suspicious
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