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Originally Posted by azz767 View Post
Whilst I admit it really isn't great, wont it in the long run not actually be a major problem, I say this because:
(I am in no way excusing the shoddiness of the situation, just looking at it from a different perspective)

1. Surely learning from pier 1, this wont be allowed to happen on pier 2/3.
2 There's surely going to be enough stands capable of handling the 747's from the existing T2 even whilst the second pier is getting built.
3. When pier 2/3 are built, isn't the likelihood that most VS will park in those two closer to the new lounges leaving pier 1 to Loco's/charters.
4. How many A350's, 747's etc, will be on the ground max at any one time? Wont there be enough stands in pier 2/3 to cope with these if the pier 1 issue can't be sorted? I know that's not the point but it should be manageable right?
4 350’s SQ X2, QR AND CX at the moment! VS 3 744’s I think.
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