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A professional ferry pilot is no more a risk taker than any other professional aviator. In saying that, yes they are exposed to more inherent risk than other areas of aviation, flying a FAR 23 aircraft exposes you to more risk than a FAR 25, because certification standards differ, performance capability in a multi with one engine out for example. A professional crop duster is no more a risk taker than a professional helicopter SAR crew, or what a Concorde crew were. Each of them are aware of the risks inherent in their chosen vocation and willingly accept them with due diligence applied in negating said risk the best way they can. That's what a professional does. An RPT pilot is just as much a risk taker and chancer, if you want to use that derogatory phrase, as any other, two MAX crashes bear that out, along with Concorde.

At one point in my life I spent 2,000 hours flying single engine over water far from land carrying passengers in a commercial operation, so even the regulators are risk takers and chancers by your definition.

For an insight into a professional ferry pilot read "Ocean Flying" by Louise Sacchi.

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