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Hi Glen & others
Below is a current job opening released at CASA (and another 2 similar positions that came through on my subscribed CASA emails). It's ironic that about your post, because they must be aware of the change that is required that you speak of. This job is for a Business Transformation Specialist. And other similar jobs on the CASA site too.... IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM - JOIN THEM .... Is that how the saying goes?

I do not disagree with anything anyone has written. In fact, I'll be eagerly awaiting your brief overviews of your dealings with them.
Searching through their cumbersome website daily for rules & regulations is a bit frustrating & daunting. Maybe you could get them to sort out that as well with a better search function!
And having been involved with a RAMP check by CASA on the tarmac a while ago, the CASA guys seemed reasonable. Only had a few engineering issues on the maintenance release which was nothing really, just not complied with in part 2 properly.
The real issue is to make GA profitable again, keeping rules simple, whilst maintaining a good safety record which most have done. There's too many road blocks that even students/new pilots coming through the industry deter them away from flying! It's easier to just work as a tradie & fly PPL they think, instead of achieving CPL/ATPL and going on to fill the shortage of pilots.
Cheers KP

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