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Originally Posted by deltafox44 View Post
I know that, thank you

At low speed and with a limited amount of AND untrim, increasing speed may reduce or cancel aft column required, due to static stability of the aircraft. But in the case of ET302, even at 500 kt IAS and still both pilots pulling as much as they can, the aircraft has a -10 AoA and -2g ! No hope to reach any in-trim airspeed..

What I mean is that manual trimming was impossible due to loads on elevator (which vary as the square of airspeed) ; that the only thing that could have save the day is to slow down at a speed where loads would have permitted manual trimming.

Instead, they let full power up to VMO and above... I could not imagine why, now I know that it was what was recommended by Boeing...
my apologies. Misunderstanding. I was just referring to 737 needing AND trim all the time during acceleration.
all you say is correct. The NNP for runaway stab. Is predicated on staying ahead of trim requirements. To avoid the last ditch heave up , and unload- TRIM TRIM TRIM NU routine. Use trim switches NU until stab back in trim - not blip blip , but major NU input over several seconds. STAB OFF. TRIM Manually thereafter. In runaway stab in previous variants by the time you notice, the stab. will be a couple of divisions AND. Or more and requires a sustained ANU input.
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