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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
No, that's not correct.

I stand corrected,looks like it is indeed a ball screw.

I was misled by more than one diagram referring to the above assembly as a 'nut', some even said 'acme nut'.
That and reading the Alaska Air report which did have a nut rather than ball screw.

This is a good illustration of the pitfalls of using other than detailed drawings/schematics for analysis.
So far in this thread I have seen only one what looks to be a true schematic, the yoke trim switches with wire# but unclear labels, everything else has been a conceptual logic illustration or worse.

Same thing applies to reading the fdr plots without access to the numerical data and other factors such as sampling rates.
I suspect that the sloped lines on binary events on the plots might represent sampling uncertainty but have no way of knowing.
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